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ALEISS Success Stories Page

Winner of the 2005-2006 "Best Investigation Using ALEISS/COPLINK"*

During a two month multi-jurisdictional fraud and identity theft investigation our Task Force was able to use COPLINK to track numerous suspects traveling from Fairbanks to Anchorage and the Matsu Valley.  COPLINK allowed us to determine which suspects were involved with fraud transactions based upon times and dates in COPLINK that detailed pawn information and police contact.  We were also able to identify fraud cases with other agencies that were related to our investigation.  COPLINK also provided valuable background information on several suspects and their relationships to each other.  The use of ALEISS during this investigation convinced Palmer Police Detective Kelly Turney, a task force member, to petition his chief to become involved in ALEISS. 

Through the successful use of COPLINK/ALEISS in this case the task force was able to arrest and indict 10 suspects in two different judicial districts on numerous felony charges including Forgery, Theft, Fraudulent Use of an Access Device and Criminal Impersonation.  These suspects were responsible for between $300,000.00 and $500,000.00 in fraudulent charges and forged checks.  Currently, all our officers and our dispatchers at the Palmer Police Department have been trained in the use of COPLINK/ALEISS and can benefit from this valuable resource.

Inv. Pearl Holston
Fairbanks Police Department

Detective Kelly J. Turney
Palmer Police Department

The Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) will present the award "Best Investigation Using ALEISS/COPLINL" each year at the Alaska Peace Officers Association Crime Conference. The submissions are judged by AACOP board of Directors.
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