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2008-2009 "Best Investigation

Ruthan Josten 2009 ALEISS Award winner
Investigator Ruthan Josten
Wasilla Police Department
General Investigations Unit

Wasilla PD Officer Jason Holmgren (who was working for Houston PD at the time) was dispatched April 1, 2008 to a shooting that occurred near Mile 53 of the Parks Highway.  He requested the assistance of Wasilla PD and multiple units responded quickly as a suspect vehicle had been identified by the shooting victim.  I assisted with the documentation of the scene and conducted multiple interviews.  The victim provided important information approximately two weeks later and a search warrant was served at a location in close proximity to the crime scene.  On April 18, 2008 I interviewed Suspect #1 but the relevance of his statements would not be clear until August of 2008.  At that time, I was contacted by a citizen who would provide crucial facts that gave strong direction to this investigation.  These facts identified Suspect #2 and confirmed that Suspect #1 had also been involved.

In October 2008, the investigation and evidence in this case was transferred to Wasilla PD.  As the investigation progressed, there was limited information about Suspect #2.  In October of 2008, I identified his girlfriend through a search of ALEISS.  Their names were also found to be linked in case involvement in APSIN.  Although the case investigation had slowed down, continuing efforts were made to keep informed about the suspects in this case.

In May 2009, Suspect #1 was served a subpoena to appear in court but failed to show.  I contacted his employer who confirmed that the suspect had mentioned a subpoena and then failed to show up for work.  This employer was cooperative and during the course of the interview, I learned that Suspect #2 had been working for him, also…….but had to suddenly leave the state.  On May 15, 2009, I was searching ALEISS and attempting to make associations between the suspects and witnesses.  I found a workplace address connected to the girlfriend of Suspect #2 and discovered who her mother was.  Because of ALEISS, I was able to contact this woman who revealed the whereabouts of Suspect #2.  On May 21, 2009, Suspect #2 was indicted for Attempted Murder, Assault in the First Degree, and Burglary.

ALEISS is my most important investigative tool and resource for gathering Intel and with over 3 million documents in this system being shared cooperatively by 41 agencies, there is no resource that is comparable.

Investigator Ruthan Josten
Wasilla Police Department
General Investigations Unit

**The Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) will present the award "Best Investigation Using ALEISS/COPLINK" each year at the Alaska Peace Officers Association Crime Conference. The submissions are judged by AACOP board of Directors.
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